CFCI was excited to have Pastor John Yoder and his friend Alfy Schrock in Ghana from March 26th to April 6th.  We had a special seminar with both men teaching.  Friday, we met in Pastor Steven's church in Adesio for afternoon teaching, wrapping up in time for the pastor's to have their evening services.  Saturday, we met at CFCBI for morning teaching, followed by a meal together of a Ghanaian favorite, fufu.  The attendees were able to pick up some used books for their personal libraries, as well as a brand new study Bible!  It was great to have them both here, as Pastor John was able to speak advice into some of the situations the pastors were going through, as well as speaking on the topic of "Watch and Remember". Alfy gave them lots of advice on being a servant leader, dangerous attitudes, and loving your people.  CFCI thanks both of these men for their time and resources, in reaching out and mentoring these young pastors.