CFC Accra with Beit Yeshua

Starting in 2016 Crusades for Christ International partnered with Beit Yeshua church of Accra, Ghana to assist in the spiritual training and empowering of the destitute and homeless of Central Accra. 
C.F.C.I. aids in the spiritual training & teaching in Beit Yeshua church through local language audio Bibles, local language Sunday school materials, Bible studies & youth days.

C.F.C.I. aids in medical clinics. Providing much needed medical care to the homeless.

C.F.C.I. aids in the evangelism. Through local language evangelistic films shows and children's Christian movies.

Assistant Pastor David leading prayers with the Mamprusi church
Pastor Kwame Darkwa preaching to the Mamprusi church in Accra - Old Church Site
In late 2017 Beit Yeshua & CFCI was able to acquire a rented space close to the old church site! This building can hold close to 300+ and is perfect for everything from services to outreaches!
Mamprusi church - Beit Yeshua holds 4 services on Sunday - 3 Mamprusi services & 1 Twi
Twi Church at Beit Yeshua - Old site & First Sunday in new Church
Beit Yeshua - NEW outreaches!
Beit Yeshua has started a new outreach areas - inside Makola Market, Tema Bus Station And Many Other Locations!
These new church services are growing and taking the initiative to GO to the lost!  
Many of the homeless don't speak English very well, so audio Mamprusi bibles and Sunday school materials are played to help teach them - currently Pastor David is also teaching English classes on Sunday Nights!

What do you do when Muslims come to the Lord?
Start new convert classes! (pictured below) Beit Yeshua helps new followers of Christ understand their new faith. Dr. Delphina and Ophelia are leading these new classes.
Pastor Kwame Darkwa. Head Pastor of Beit Yeshua - the House of Salvation church. The church is located at the Centre for National Culture on John Evans Atta Mills St. just next to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park.

Mamprusi service @ Arts Centere & Makola Market  9 - 11:30 am
Twi service 
@ Arts Centere 11:45 - 2pm  
Beit Yeshua Assistant Pastors and Volunteers
(from left to right) Pastor David, his wife Ophelia, Dr. Delphina, Medical Student Fred and Pastor Dr. Fifi
It is estimated that close to 100,000 people are homeless in Accra Ghana. Many thousands more are just eking out an existence by living in squalor like conditions. Many sleep on the streets or under shop canopies. Most are women and children from the northern parts of Ghana seeking to earn some money in the richer more prosperous south - the metropolis of Accra. Many huddle together by tribe such as the middle picture below. When rainy season comes there is virtually little to no shelter for these people. A hard wooden bench for a bed or a shop canopy may cost them money to use ... money they don't have. What little money they earn is made from carrying very heavy loads for the shops in the crowded streets of Central Market. Sometimes for 7 days a week they carry loads that cause great damage to their already weakened bodies. And often times their small children are either carried on their backs which adds to their load or left in the care of an older sibling. This older sibling may be no older than 7 or 8 years old.
Beit Yeshua & CFC Accra Outreaches
From Christmas celebrations with gifts, to Easter/Passover services with meals, to Jesus Film Shows, Beit Yeshua & CFC Accra are dedicated to not only bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and needy of Accra but also BEING the Gospel of Jesus Christ through sharing, caring and giving to the lost and needy!
For the past 3 years CFC Accra has been able to hand out Christmas gifts to the homeless of Beit Yeshua and its surrounding areas. Christmas gifts a virtually unheard of in these circles so a gift of necessities is a miracle!
Beit Yeshua holds an annual Passover/Easter service for the Mamprusi! CFC Accra has been able to help in this by providing a hot meal for all who attend! The women learn about Passover, the Good News about Easter and partake in a hearty meal for themselves and their children.
CFC Accra  & Beit Yeshua also hold several Jesus Film showings throughout the year to tell the Mamprusi of Jesus' great love and sacrifice - in their own language!

Beit Yeshua and CFC Accra have been so blessed to see former Muslims come to the Lord and seek baptism! We praise the Lord for His goodness!