CFC Accra with Beit Yeshua
& Banana Manna Bakery Ministry

Starting in 2016 Crusades for Christ International partnered with Beit Yeshua church of Accra, Ghana to assist in the spiritual training and empowering of the destitute and homeless of Central Accra. 
C.F.C.I. aids in the spiritual training & teaching in Beit Yeshua church through local language audio Bibles, local language Sunday school materials, Bible studies & youth days.

C.F.C.I. aids in medical clinics. Providing much needed medical care to the homeless.

C.F.C.I. aids in the evangelism. Through local language evangelistic films shows and children's Christian movies.

C.F.C.I. aids in providing much needed income & supplies to the poor and homeless through the Banana Manna bakery ministry.

Pastor Kwame Darkwa preaching to the Mamprusi church in Accra
Mamprusi church - Beit Yeshua holds two services on Sunday. Mamprusi & Twi
Twi Church at Beit Yeshua
Many of the homeless don't speak English very well, so audio Mamprusi bibles and Sunday school materials are played to help teach them

Pastor Kwame Darkwa. Head Pastor of Beit Yeshua - the House of Salvation church. The church is located at the Centre for National Culture on John Evans Atta Mills St. just next to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park.

Mamprusi service 9 - 11:30 am
Twi service 11:45 - 2pm  

CFC Accra Evangelism Director - Jared Bontrager
It is estimated that over 100,000 people are homeless in Accra, Ghana. Many sleep on the streets or under shop canopies. Many are women and children from northern Ghana seeking to earn some money in the much richer and more prosperous south. Many huddle together by tribe such as the picture below. When rainy season comes there is virtually little to no shelter for these homeless. And a bench for a bed or shop canopy for shelter will cost them money... money they don't have. What little they earn is made by carrying very heavy loads in crowded streets.
Pray for these homeless! Pray for their protection!

Pray as we reach out and try to touch their lives! 
Local language Jesus Film for evangelism
Banana Manna Bakery Ministries
Banana Manna Cakes is a new branch of the CFC Accra ministry. Banana Manna's goal is to provide a job & income for the homeless or destitute of Accra. And also raise funds for the ministry of CFC Accra & Beit Yeshua through medical students from the University Of Ghana School Of Medicine And Dentistry. All proceeds from their banana cake sales go to helping the homeless.  
Diane Adamson is the overseer of Banana Manana Bakery. Diane (left) is showing finished cakes ready for sale and distribution. Delphina (right) a medical student is ready to go out and sell the cakes to her church and peers to raise funds for the homeless.
"You gave your good Spirit to instruct them. You did not withhold your manna from their mouths..." Nehemiah 9:20