Crusades for Christ Church International
CFCCI started in 2009 as a small village church. Under the leadership of head pastor Isaac Iddrisu the church has grown and continues to grow and touch lives! With Biblical teaching and Christ centered fellowship CFCCI shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone!
CFCCI's motto is "Salvation is our focus"

Please visit us!
 CFCCI is located on the CFCBI campus in the Nsawam-Dobro area, 2km south of Nsawam, at the Nsawam Road Junction, near Blue Skies, Eastern Region

CFCCI: Schedule & Theme
Sunday: Sunday school 8:30 - 9:30am
Celebration service 9:30 - 11:am
Tuesday: Hour of Grace (prayer) 7 - 8pm
Wednesday: Homecell services: 7 - 8:30pm
 [located in Terno, Sakyikrom village (located opposite of Terno/Nsawam curve) & New Afutu]
Friday: Prayer service 7 - 9pm

CFCCI's theme for 2021 is
 "Walking In The Spirit" John 6:63

Contact us at 054 232 6231 or
026 268 5328 (Pas. Isaac)

Head Pastor
Isaac Suleman Iddrisu, wife Sylvia & Their Son Jed

CFCCI sanctuary
CFCCI congregation
CFCCI Temple of Praise Choir
CFCCI Children's Ministry
CFCCI' 10th anniversary - Crusade, medical clinic & Thanksgiving Sunday
CFCCI - Fifth anniversary celebration