December Pictures
This month workers began tearing down the shop building in preparation to build a permanent building. Workers continue to lay the 2 layers of blocks on the top of the lintel. Once that is completed, the rafters will be built and the roof structure added. Please prayerfully consider if you would like to be part of a construction trip January 17 -29, 2012, to help with this project. 

October Pictures

This month the lintel and water tank pad was poured, and all the supports have been removed for these projects. The electricity project is very near completion. God has been faithful another month!

September Pictures

This month finds the masons completing the block work and the carpenters completing the framework for the lintel. The steel bender will come and put in the iron rods, followed by pouring. God has been faithful and the building continues, and we praise Him for safety of the workers while working.


July Pictures

This month the workers began to remove the supports under the new concrete floor. It looks very nice! Now they have begun to pour the pillars on the second floor, which will then have block laid up against them and the lintel poured around the top. We are still patiently waiting for our electrical contractor to finish up the electricity project. God is so good.

June Pictures

Praise the Lord, the "big pour" has been completed! The 90 yards of concrete were handed up one shovel full at a time. The job was completed in 8 days, although one was shortened due to lack of stone. The men worked very hard, and left with bruises from dropped headpans, aching muscles, and raw fingers, but also with a sense of accomplishment and a satisfaction of a job well done. Each mixer load was 100 kg of cement, 14 full headpans of stone, and 9 full headpans of sand, and equaled roughly 1/3 a yard of concrete. We thank the Lord that he kept the workers safe as we worked.

May Pictures

Most of the work this month will be on the concreting of the second story floor. The wood framework needs to be laid, and then the steel bender comes and lays the iron rods. The electricians are still working to hook up the transformer, followed by ECG hooking it up to the overhead wires. Continue to pray for funds to come in to complete the project, as well as keeping the workers safe at the jobsite.


April Pictures

Construction continues here, as the workers are preparing to pour the lintel on the building, followed by pouring the concrete floor for the second story.  The stone work has been completed, and the transformer set!  We are waiting for ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana) and our electrician to finally hook it up.  We are grateful.

March Pictures
Construction continues rapidly at the job site, with the landscape changing daily.  The electric line has been run underground to the school, although the transformer still needs to be set and more wire run.  The stone is also just about completed.  The workers are ready to start putting the concrete ceiling on the rooms beside the completed part, and then the second story can be started.  The workers have also begun laying the block on the second building, which will house more classrooms.  We are grateful to those who have given financially to get the project to this point.  We are praying that funds will continue to come in to allow us to complete this project!

   February Pictures

Construction continues at the Dobro/Nsawam job site, as the next task is to get the electricity run to the school and stone on the walls.  We are grateful to God the Father for providing funds to complete this project!  The students and faculty will be thankful to be able to run lights and fans to cool the building.  Please prayerfully consider if you could contribute to finish this ministry opportunity.  We pray that the students that leave this building will shine the light of Jesus to villages all over Ghana!  To God be the glory!