November Pictures
It has been some time since pictures were posted to this site!  Work continues on the building, and the goal is to complete the School portion by the end of the year! Workers are finished with laying the exterior stone, the windows are all in, and the walkways to the school have been poured. Grass is being planted by hand, and workers are installing the terrazzo flooring. We thank God for His provision!
July Pictures
Stonework continues on the exterior of the building, and should be completed this month. Workers have begun leveling the yard in the front of the school and installing the curb for the driveway. God has blessed us, and we give Him the glory!
June Pictures
Work continues as the masons continue to lay the stone on the exterior of the school. The banisters have been installed for safety, the windows are completed, and the doors are being installed behind the burglar proofing. We thank God for His provision to bring the site to this stage! To Him be the glory!
May Pictures
Praise God that He has allowed the construction to continue on the Bible school! A heavy storm collapsed the canopy we had by the school, and toppled a section of the wall into a nearby house. Workers are repairing the damage to both. The roofing and gutters have been completed, workers are installing the window frames, and all the plastering has been completed. The ceiling framework is installed, ready for installation. 
April Pictures
We thank God that work continues on the Bible School. The shop area, including the renovation of a part of the previous structure, has been completed. The new unit includes a shop, two dorm rooms, and a kitchen. The standing seam metal roofing is currently being installed on the Bible Institute, and the plastering of the rooms has been completed. God has been faithful, and we thank Him for the safety of the workers as they work on this project.
2012 Work Team!
We thank God for the workers who came to Africa to work on our roof structure. Many hands made the work go quickly and easily, and we completed the task ahead of time and were able to do some other projects as well. We praise God for safety for this team as they traveled and worked, and pray God's blessing on them for their service to Him. Praise God! Shawn has written a complete account of the trip which you can read here
January Pictures
Work continues on the building replacing the temporary shop. The new building will include a dorm room for the school, caretaker quarters, kitchen, and work shop. The plastering has begun on the school building, and a work team is coming the end of January to begin putting the rafters in place for the roof. God has once again provided in the way only He can! May God be glorified in the work here.