Pouring Concrete In July
Progress June 2010
Marking Off Footings For School Building March 2010
Block Making at Land Site
March 2010
Pastor Phillip Yoder "weighing" blocks.
Continuing Progress At The Land Site
April 2010
Forming concrete pillars
Pouring concrete one small mixer load at a time.
Plastering the wall of the compound
Digging Footings For School Building
March 2010
Checking the Progress
View From Administration End of Building
View Of Front Entrance
View From Classrooms
Small Builders
Temporary Facilities At the Landsite

February 2010 Celebration - A well is dug at the construction site

Newly Installed Gate and Wall Construction

Temporary building used for workers quarters, storage, & shop area

CFC was blessed to be able to purchase 4.5 acres of land in June 2008

Cutting driveway into the new land