Farewell to CFCBI teacher - Kwesi Cyriaano
In late February of 2019, CFCI lost a CFCBI lecturer, a dear friend and brother in Christ! After several months of ill health, Kwesi went home to be with the Lord. Though we grieve we also praise the Lord that his pain is gone and that he is home with the Savior! Please pray for his family!
Update! 2019 Part 1!
CFCBI film shows, Banana Manna ministry and its new oven with David and Ophelia, Makola Market outreach and homeless ministry with Beit Yeshua, CFCCI's 2019 theme, new school year for CFCBI and being the guest commencement speaker for a fellow AABS curriculum school.
Update! 2018 Part 3!
Farewell to Joe and Susan, CFCCI fundraiser Sunday, CFCCI funeral, CFCCI kids day, 2018 CFCBI graduation, Ahodwo Christmas outreach and Beit Yeshua Christmas gifts to the homeless!  
Update! 2018 Part 2!
Work projects/team projects, 2018 team - Griner Youth, blessing the new village well, drainage project Joe and Susan's farewell!
Update! 2018 Part 1!
CFCBI film shows, Pastor Prince's wedding, Pastor David came to Beit Yeshua, Easter/Passover homeless outreach, Ahodwo children's outreach program, AABS national conference with CFCBI teachers and Beit Yeshua baptism Sunday in the ocean!