Update! 2017 Part 4!
Missionary retreat, 2017 medical and evangelism team, 2017 CFCBI graduation, Jared's farewell, Christmas gift outreach to the homeless!
Update! 2017 Part 3!
Marriage seminars, weddings, work projects, VBS, pastor promotions, Youth girls class and missionary retreat!
Update! 2017 Part 2
Church, school & God working through muffins!

Update! 2017 Part 1
Film shows, farewells and new doors!

Catching up! 2016 Part 2
2016 came to a close with a retirement, crusades, medical clinics, a shipping container of tracts, a goodbye to some staff and a 10th anniversary graduation celebration

Catching Up! 2016 Part 1
2016 began with a new church house built, a remodel for an apartment, new staff, new opportunities and a new baby
Catching Up! 2015 Part 2
2015 came to a close with the completion of one work project, a seminar, baptisms, film shows, a commission, guests, get-togethers and a new administrator
Catching Up! 2015 Part 1
2015 dawned with continuing work projects, an Easter convention, an ordination service, a naming ceremony and a farewell
Catching Up! 2014 Part 2
2014 brought new work projects, new staff, new converts, new advertisement strategies and new scenery  
Catching Up! 2014 Part 1
2014 brought many changes to CFCI. Pastor Jim Adamson was commissioned as the new director/administrator to CFC/CFCBI. In October the US Board visited and CFC took part in a funeral and a fundraising service.  
CFCBI Village Film Show

The Students at CFCBI will go to a village at least once per term to show an evangelistic film.
After they help with setting up the screen, projector and sound equipment they go door to door 
to hand out scripture booklets and invite the villagers to come and see the film. At the end of the 
film an invitation is given to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Many souls have been saved through the students efforts.
2013  Crusades & Clinics
A wonderful group of 22 Americans arrived on Oct. 28 and ministered to the physical and spiritual              
needs of many people in the villages of Asamankese, Ayaa and Kotoku. They also handed out over               
4000 "The Way To God" scripture booklets at Central Market in Accra. After impacting the lives of              
many children and adults with the their testimonies and the love of Jesus they left on Nov. 7.                         
May the Lord bless you abundantly for your time of service here!

Luke Kuepfer Ministers in Ghana!
Crusades for Christ Bible Institute was pleased to have Luke Kuepfer minister to staff, students, pastors, and friends during a 5 day seminar. Luke covered the transformational encounters UnvelinGlory, Missions 101, and Lead Like Jesus. Luke was also able to train 16 men to be Lead Like Jesus facilitators here in Ghana! Luke was joined by his daughter Brittany, who taught English to young children from the nearby village of Dobro. CFCI  sincerely thanks Luke and Brittany for their very generous involvement! Gob bless you!
2013 School Year Begins!
Class instruction for the 2013 year began on January 9th! We are so thankful for a group of students, hungry to know God's Word better! Please pray for the students, instructors, and staff as we honor the Lord in what He has entrusted to us.

2012 Crusades and Clinics
Asamankese Canopy Setup
On July 16th, CFCI staff traveled to Asamankese to setup a canopy under which the church will worship. After some initial trouble, we found a suitable site and with the help of the church members set it up. We thank God for providing a place for Pastor Joseph to worship with the congregation in Asamankese. Praise God!
Farewell Adrian!
Completing his one year term here in Ghana, Adrian flew out of Accra on May 27, 2012 to return to PA. He leaves behind many friends, especially children, but takes away many experiences, memories, and growth as a result of his time here in Ghana. This photo was taken during his farewell party with his fellow students at CFCBI. May God be glorified with Adrian's service here, and in the future wherever God calls him.
Asamankese Baptism!
CFCI staff joined with the church of Asamankese on April 1st to baptize four members of the church! Pastor John Yoder brought the message, then we piled into the van (all 31 of us!) to drive to the baptism site. There we prayed for the service that was about to take place, then entered the water. Pastor Joseph led each participant in a confession of faith, after which they were baptized. Pastor Joseph then prayed a prayer of blessing over each person before they exited the water. We pray God's blessing on each of these members, that they would stand as a bold witness for Christ. May God continue to guide Pastor Joseph, and may all we do honor and glorify the King of kings and the Lord of lords!

Adawukwao Baptism!

CFCI staff was priviledged to be involved in the February 26th baptism at Adawukwao, under the leadership of Pastor Frank. Twenty six members of the congregation entered the water in obedience to their Savior. We thank God for the work He has done in their hearts and lives, and pray God's blessing on them as they live for Him!

Once again we step back and marvel at the way God moved during the 2011 team visit from America! We worked with 5 of the local churches, providing 3 health clinics, crusades, and a showing of the film "Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames". The Holy Spirit was convicting people, and each night many people responded in surrender to Jesus Christ! We give Him the honor and glory that is due His name! Amen.

For a complete journal of events, please click HERE

On November 6th, 2011, Pastor Ron Bontrager was ordained by his home congregation of Griner Mennonite for his work here in Ghana. CFCI Board Chairman Robert Reigsecker brought the message, followed by a time of prayer and anointing of oil. Pastor Floyd Helmuth also assisted in the service. We pray God's blessing on Ron as he and his family continue the work here in Ghana!

Kotoku Baptism!

CFCI staff were pleased to take part in the baptism of 12 members of the CFCI Kotoku/Abbanman church. May these 12 individuals live for the honor and glory of God, never to be the same again. It is a joy to see the outward expressions of inward spiritual renewal and repentance. God is faithful! 

CFCI welcomes Samuel Fiagbor

CFCI is pleased to welcome Pastor Samuel Fiagbor into the CFCI Pastor Association.  Samuel will be assisting Isaac with the Dobro/Terno church while Isaac is in school.  Please pray for Samuel as he adjusts to his new responsibilities.


Commissioning of Pastor Isaac and Pastor Samuel





Adawukwao Canopy Setup





Terno Baptism!

CFCI staff was pleased to take part in the Terno baptism held June 12, 2011. Pastor Isaac had been faithfully teaching them the importance of baptism in their Christian experience, and today these faithful entered the water, never to be the same again! May God be glorified in these individuals. It was special to be part of baptizing Steven, the head mason for our land development project. God is faithful!





Asamankese Baptism!

CFCI staff was pleased to be part of the baptism at the Asamankese church on May 1st, 2011.  After the morning service,  31 people piled into the van to drive to the baptism site. Once there, 16 entered the water to publicly proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Savior. There was one man from the village that desired to be baptized in order to have power over sin. Pastor Joseph has agreed to start Bible studies in the village, and we pray more souls will be won to Christ!






Pastor John Yoder's Journal

Pastor John has once again documented his experiences here in Ghana.  I am sure you will enjoy his writing on the varied experiences he experienced during his intensive time here, and will give you a glimpse into the culture here in Ghana.  His journal from a year ago is now under the archived resources.








Bawjaise/Adawukwao Baptism!

On April 3rd, with senior pastor John Yoder from Indiana here in Ghana to assist with interterm, we also planned a joint baptism for the Bawjaise and Adawukwao churches.  After Pastor Yoder preached a sermon on the importance and reasons for baptism with the Bawjaise congregation, we waited until Pastor Frank and the congregation from Adawukwao arrived for the ceremony. It was a beautiful time as 35 individuals were baptized to show publicly their committment and surrender to Jesus Christ. 

Bible School Opens January, 2011!
     The CFCI Bible Institute located in Dobro/Nsawam opened it's doors for the students on January 4th, 2011!  We are excited to see 8 students eagerly learning the truth of God's Word, preparing and equipping them to go forth and lead churches all over Ghana.  Please lift these students in your prayers.  To God be the glory!
     Construction still continues on the building, as phase 2 is currently underway.  Please prayerfully consider if you can give financially to this need.  May this building be used to honor and glorify Him.
CFCI Pastors and CFCBI Alumni Seminar
Pastor's Phillip Yoder and John Yoder from Indiana traveled to Ghana to share a seminar with the pastors of the CFCI Churches and Alumni of CFCBI during the first two weeks of March 2010. The seminar was held Mar. 3-5, 2010 and continued again on the following week from Mar. 10-12, 2010. It was a beautiful time of sharing together with a theme of "Following Jesus Today."
Slide Show From Pastor's Seminar
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Break Out Session
Washing Feet (Part of the Communion Service)
Distributing Gift Bags
Fellowship and Interaction
Pastor Felix
Kingdom of God and Kingdom of the World