Support the Ministries of CFCI
If you feel the calling to help support, sponsor or donate to CFCI there are many areas that you contribute to...
(donation info on the bottom of this page)

Crusades for Christ Bible Institute
operating costs, fees & repairs

CFC Accra
supplies, equipment & baking expenses
CFC Land Development
New or continuing work projects to the campus

CFC Medical clinics
medicine, medical equipment & travel costs

Bibles for school & churches
Click on picture below and learn how you can sponsor or send much needed Bibles to Ghana!

God is doing marvelous things in Ghana! And if you feel called to help contact us by email at cfcint(at)gmail(dot)com
or by phone at
(574) 533 0568
(574) 536 5424
or by mail at
504 Dogwood Lane 
Middlebury, IN 46540